Enigma Sciences

Enigma Sciences

Marc TessierMarc Tessier

After his successful 2014 startup that brought $100,000 in its first year, Marc is back, this time with his eyes set on a Million.  The booming Escape Room market is hungry for technology and Marc is happy to already provide this custom service to them, but the market is too big for a 2 man team. “The challenge is not finding customers but scaling the “Enigma Sciences” business quickly.”


Jim GordonJim Gordon

Jim Gordon is an Army veteran, Auburn MBA, and already a successful entrepreneur at Cloud Notions, provider of business software consulting.  He is now pivoting that success into the custom electronics space with Enigma Sciences.  Jim and his partners provide customized electronic puzzles and consulting to the booming Escape Room market.  What started out as weekend maker projects has become a serious opportunity in a growing niche industry.