Intellishots brings the science of performance to the range.

Designed with a special focus on police, the Intellishots application allows shooters to track their performance shot-by-shot, group-by-group, in less time than it takes to repair a target.  The result is a lightweight, versatile application that structures training, tracks progress, and provides a system of record for all shooting activities.

The Intellishots team brings together experts in combat marksmanship, human performance, and data science to drive the development of cutting-edge tools that work for real world shooters.


Clint Irvin, PhD

clint irvin

Clint serves as the lead developer and data scientist.  Clint bridges the gap between Dave and John.  His research experience covers academic, corporate, and government venues, including the Army Research Institute.  Clint also served as an Infantry Officer, giving him hands-on experience in applied marksmanship.

John Lipinski, PhD


John serves as lead researcher and expert on everything human factors and performance oriented.  John has over a decade of research experience, having worked in academic, corporate, and government research.  John’s work at the Army Research Institute evaluating and developing training programs for the US Army Infantry School developed a unique understanding of how the science of performance relates to actions in combat.

SFC (Retired) Dave Steinbach

Dave Steinbach

Dave serves as the team’s combat shooting expert.  Retired army, Dave spent 14 years in special operations with 75th Ranger Regiment.  Dave finished up his military career as a trainer at the elite Army Marksmanship Unit.