StartUp Weekend

StartUp Weekend

Please join us for our 2nd StartUp Weekend, November 18th, 19th and 20th!

Have an idea to pitch, but don’t know how to do it?  Want to flex your entrepreneurial muscles, or just come learn what it is all about?  Join us!

Startup Weekend is an intense 54-hour event powered by Google for Entrepreneurs that operates worldwide and brings together creatives, entrepreneurs, programmers, coders, developers and other business-minded individuals for a weekend of collaboration and experimentation with business ideas.

StartUp Weekend is NOT FREE!   HURRY!  Sales End FRIDAY 11/18 at 8pm ET!

If you buy your tickets tonight, don’t expect a t-shirt this weekend, or a badge until the morning.

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StartUp Weekend has years of experience hosting hundreds of events worldwide and has developed a great set of rules that will govern your weekend experience.

Although we don’t want to limit anyone’s ideas (because you never know where the next insanely great idea will come from!) we have been challenged to try and find a financial, medical, health or military/tactical startup.  But seriously, all startup ideas are welcome!

A HUGE Thank you to the premiere sponsors of our 2nd StartUp Weekend!


StartUp Weekend is 100% run by volunteers with a passion for making entrepreneurship a viable 3rd alternative for people in our region.  We’d like to thank Aflac, CB&T of East Alabama, Cloud Notions, your local Customer Relationship Management and provider, and of course, Troy University for letting us use their gorgeous facilities for the weekend!

Who is it for?

StartUp Weekends are for EVERYONE in the public wishing to learn more about what it takes to make a StartUp.  (It takes all kinds of people from all walks of life, the more diverse the better!)

  • Participants – The people creating and working on the StartUps come in three flavors:
    • CreativesAny flavor:  artists, designers, divergents, dreamers, ideators, weirdos, etc. the more different the better!  These are the people who generally dream up the great ideas or make things beautiful and attractive, often – but not always – applies to anybody with a background in creative design (graphics, user experience, etc.)
    • Technical folk – Rightfully proud of their mental prowess, the geeks that shall inherit the earth and the nerds who know how to MAKE and DO stuff.  These include analysts, builders, coders, developers, makers, hackers, programmers, software engineers, specialists, technicians – in short, anybody who can and will make stuff, solve really hard problems, troubleshoot, write code or get’R DONE!
    • Business people – You know, the people who take care of business!  BizDev, BizOps, sales, marketing, product, accounting, finance, PR, HR, procurement, security, legal and everyone else that doesn’t fall into one of the above categories.
  • Investors / Sponsors – The wonderful folk and organizations that make this all possible.  Investors are interested in potentially sponsoring a team.  Event sponsors help pay for all of the costs asssociated with the food and logistics.  (Sponsorship level descriptions.)
  • Mentors / Coaches / Judges – The experienced serial entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals giving up their time to to help cultivate the StartUp community in the Electric River Cities!
  • Volunteers – The duct tape and glue of the whole event.  Every ONE of the organizers, facilitators, mentors, coaches and judges is a volunteer.  We could NOT run this event without our awesome volunteers! You ROCK!  🙂

Get your StartUp Weekend Tickets!

Regular tickers at $99 per person and include food and beverages for the weekend.

Also visit our Up Community Site for more info.

Additional Sponsors

Additional sponsors, food and promotional prizes provided by: